Wednesday, September 14, 2016

maeve at six months

september 14, 2016
approx. 15lbs (according to our home scale)

six months old today!  i can't believe it.  where is the time going?!

maeve continues to be more mobile each day.  she still hasn't mastered the traditional knees and hands crawling, but her commando crawling has become wicked fast!  if she sees something she wants, she gets there in seconds!!

her newest "trick" is getting herself into a semi-seated position.  she can sit assisted for a few seconds before flopping forward, but now she can get there herself and use her hands to prop up.

maeve is still holding strong with two bottom teeth, although with her recent bouts of crankiness and lack of napping, i'm wondering if there might be more coming soon.

this month we got back to the beach and maeve put her toes in the ocean for the first time.  she had mixed feelings about it, but overall came away smiling :)  

happy six months, maeve.
love you, baby girl.

maeve at five months

august 14, 2016
approx. 14lbs (according to our home scale)

this girl just exudes pure happiness.  during this whole photo shoot, she was grinning from ear to ear!

i also love that little nose wrinkle she does when she smiles really big.  we get told she looks like a hanson and like her big brother and sister a lot, but that little nose wrinkle is unique to maeve.  

this past month maeve took her first road trip to grandma and grandpa's house!  she traveled like a champ and i'm so glad she did well, especially as i was on my own with all the kiddos.  while we were in ohio, she decided to start pulling herself up and twisting out of the rock and play, so i had to switch her to the pack and play while we were out there.  she didn't skip a beat going to sleeping flat and transferred to the crib at home once we got back.  

maeve has also figured out how to crawl!  it is not a traditional hands and knees crawl yet, but she is fast!  she does a lot of commando crawling and pivots around on her belly to change direction.  ian and lydia are most impressed and spend time either down on the floor with her or putting her toys out of reach for her to then go and retrieve.  i usually get told "mummy, maeve is crawling!" about fifty times a day :)

our last new development is teeth!  maeve cut her first tooth the night before she turned five months old, so the drool mentioned in last month's update was definitely those teeth showing up! two days later she had her second bottom tooth and they have just continued to grow.  i feel like it makes her look older.  so far she is still sleeping well at night, with just a couple extra wakings during those aforementioned teeth cutting days.  i'm hoping she will be more like her sister and able to handle the teething at night, unlike ian who was terrible at night when he was teething haha.

lovelovelove this pic of my happy girl!

happy five months, maeve.
love you, baby girl.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

flip out for flavor

this latest post is stepping outside of my usual family updates and bringing you a little something different from chobani.  i was invited to share their new line of flip yogurts with my readers (hello out there!) and i figured since we love the chobani yogurts in this house, i'd do a quick psa and let you know too!  

as a busy mama, i relish when i can grab a few quiet minutes to myself and lately with the gorgeous summer weather, it's been outside during my kiddos' afternoon naps.  i'm always up for enjoying a yummy snack while i update my planner, catch up on instagram or just relax with a good book in the sunshine.  chobani flips are a great little all-in-one snack...all you need is a spoon and you are good to go!

chobani has provided a fun flow chart to give you an idea of where to start with these delicious and varied flavors.  

i ended up choosing one of my all time favorite dessert flavors to try...key lime pie.  the chobani flip comes split in two sections.  even as a little kid, i've always preferred to slowly add in any yogurt extras as opposed to stirring everything in at the beginning.  the flip container is designed to bend easily if you want to mix away to your heart's content or to leave open for dipping :)

the key lime yogurt is so brilliantly tart and creamy.  the graham cracker crumbles and white chocolate chips add the perfect crunch and sweetness.  even if i only get fifteen minutes to myself in an afternoon, adding the chobani flip to my snack repertoire definitely makes for an easy treat!

check out these flavor personalities to see suggestions from chobani for your flip match and then head to your nearest grocery store to try one for yourself!  see chobani's flip site for more info, ingredients and nutrition facts :)

disclaimer: i was invited by chobani to share their newest product with you.  all opinions and photographs are my owns.  graphics provided by chobani.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

maeve at three and four months

welp...delinquent mother here.  i took maeve's three month pictures way back in june and then promptly forgot to write the post to go with them. so consequently, here's three and four months combined :)

june 14, 2016
just shy of 12lbs (according to our home baby scale)

three months saw even more personality from this little lady!  she may be the third child in this family, but she isn't going to let us forget she is there haha.  she smiles constantly and will have a whole conversation with you if you let her.  

maeve officially rolled over back to front a day or so before turning three months and although she didn't repeat it a ton throughout the following days, when she wants to she will.  she also pretty quickly figured out front to back which has now foiled any plans of semi-planned "tummy time" as she just flips herself over within seconds.  

sleeping has *knock on wood* been going really well so far with maeve.  i'm not sure if it's just her, the fact that third babies just know their mamas need the rest, or god showing me some grace by letting me get some rest in these early months, but i'll take it while i can!  

july 14, 2016
just over 13lbs (according to our home baby scale)

four months old already!!  where is the time going, baby girl??  we are now past the first period of time coined "the fourth trimester" and it definitely does feel like we are getting more of a routine down and the day to day stuff is easier with ian and lydia too.  it is definitely hard with three for sure, but this happy baby makes it all worth it.

maeve is continuing to grow, although it's definitely odd to have a smaller baby this time around!  i figured even though she was smaller due to my gestational diabetes, she would quickly catch the other two up with regards to respective age and size.  so far however, she is slightly below average for height and weight, and although we haven't had her official four month check up yet, i have a feeling that she will remain that way for the time being.  

she may be small, but maeve's personality continues to blossom.  i just can't get enough of her faces, her smiles, her chit chat.  it's a wonder anything gets done around the house because i could honestly sit and play with her all the live long day!

maeve is still rolling here and there and is so eager to sit up and watch her brother and sister playing.  i often end up wearing her while making dinner or doing chores in the afternoon, but if not, she can be found in her bouncy chair.  she loves it!  perfect angle for her to see everything and a toy bar she can now reach.  it's fun to see her get to that next level of interest with toys.  her nana gave her a little owl when she was born that now hangs on the toy bar of her bouncy chair and she grabs on and plays with it all the time :)

another new phase we are hitting is the drool!!  it's a constant stream and requires several bibs per day.  both lydia and ian were on the early side for teething...lydia's first was 4.5 months! we shall see if that's where miss maeve is heading or if we have months of gummy drooling ahead of us.

this past month also saw maeve's first vacation and out of state trip.  we took just over a week to go to maine and visit my in-laws.  it was so great to relax and let the kids play in the pool with their cousins.  maeve did not go in the pool this time around, but she had plenty of snuggles with all three of her cousins and if i ever turned around and she was gone from her bouncy seat, wouldn't you know she was cuddling with her nana :)  she was a trooper with all the traveling, even an extra evening trip from maine to massachusetts and back again (fetching daddy because the repair shop got delayed in fixing our car).  she's not quite as 100% chill in the car as ian and lydia both were, but she does pretty well!

happy three and four months, maeve.
love you, baby girl.

Monday, May 30, 2016

memorial day 2016

today was a lovely family day.  we were hoping to attend the memorial day parade in our town this morning, but unfortunately it was pouring rain until lunchtime.  i believe it is important to remember why we have this day as a holiday and for us and our children to be respectful of those who have sacrificed their lives for the freedoms we enjoy day to day, as well as taking advantage of having hubby home for some family fun.

we started the day in patriotic was chilly with all the rain, so the kids were back in jeans and long sleeves.  hello new england ;)

i just love this pic of these two sisters.  lydia continues to be besotted with maeve and it melts my heart every time.

we spent the morning hanging out with some of our best friends and their kiddos.  it was the perfect way to pass a rainy morning and hang out all together while the husbands were both around as well.  maeve had some lovely snuggles with one of her biggest admirers and then snoozed for the rest of the morning.

once we got home, the kids napped and hubby and i enjoyed just relaxing in the peace and quiet (the dishes may or may not still be waiting for me...!).  the weather picked up, the sun came out and the temps warmed into the mid 70s, so we decided "picnic on the beach" time!

 i love this pic of their two little hat heads bent together as they play in the sand.

and this little swimsuit bum!

my man :)

pure, unadulterated joy!

requested a pic of me and the kids...hubby delivered, sort of, hahaha!!

my baby girl :)

now that we are into the summer months and often find ourselves at the park or beach for lunch, i've been looking for something to make packing food for ian and lydia easier for them and for me.  enter bento boxes!  i have been following several moms on instagram who make beautiful bento box lunches for their kiddos.  i tried my first attempt at a balanced, semi-healthy beach picnic box and it went over well!  they both ate everything, which is way better than when i just pack generic pyrexes and bags of bits and pieces.  plus, my type-a, slightly ocd personality had so much fun organizing the win :)

such a fun day and i'm looking forward to more beach days this summer!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

spring time fun

in an effort to blog a little more regularly and keep my loyal readers up to date {hi grandma!!}, i bring to you a peek into our recent spring afternoons.


the kiddos received a motorized bubble machine when maeve was born and we finally got a chance to enjoy bubbles and sunshine last week!  ian was mesmerized and ran circles around the garden chasing them.  lydia quickly picked up the word bubble and she too loved watching them floating around above her head.


in the fall of 2014, i found a small climbing playspace with a slide for ian and the future baby (we didn't know she was lydia at the time) at a local consignment store.  ian played on it once or twice before i had lydia and once we were up and ready to be out and about, it was a little too chilly.  last summer our lawn was being regrown by hubby and we weren't able to be on it during the summer months.  ian and lydia were most excited once i got the pieces washed from being stored and put together last week.  


as the weather has warmed up, we did splurge on a backyard item for the kiddos...a water table.  we found a good sale at a local toy store and figured it's going to be well loved for at least the next five or six years, so it is a worthwhile investment for all the fun and laughter it will bring.  the squeals of delight in the first five minutes of playtime last week definitely meant we made the right decision :)

we have really been enjoying and making the most of the ability to be back in our garden again.  here's to rainbow colored bubbles, soaking wet bathing suits, shouts of glee, tubes of sunscreen, fresh air and sunshine, grassy toes and fun, fun, fun!