Sunday, March 27, 2011

homemade pizza

tonight my husband made pizza for us for dinner.  it was absolutely delicious...whole wheat crust, ham, pineapple and cheese.  my ultimate favorite kind of pizza.  hubby has been on a ricotta-cheese-on-pizza kick lately and made pepperoni and ricotta for himself.  i would have told you how delicious that one was, however he ate the whole thing himself!  i do love having a husband who is skilled in the kitchen :)


  1. Unfortunately I can't see the pictures... they aren't showing up properly... but I wanted to comment and say that I am a big fan of ricotta on pizza! A rather recent discovery on my part but it is delicious. (And I usually am not very fond of cheese in general!)

  2. Well I just reposted the pictures...not sure why they didn't show the first time. And glad you also know the joy that is ricotta on pizza :)