Tuesday, June 18, 2013

england : the narrowboat, part three

the continuation of our england trip...

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wednesday morning found us waking just above the locks leading down to the city of bath.  we had a delicious cooked breakfast and began the descent into the city.  it is a very scenic route following the canal down to the river, through the outlying fields and then gardens of the city.  while passing through sydney gardens, you go through cleveland tunnel which is directly underneath cleveland house, the former headquarters of the kennet and avon canal company.  a trap door in the tunnel roof was used to pass the paperwork between the clerks above and the dirty barge workers below!

heading into bath

nearing the gardens

cleveland house

other side of cleveland house

one lock in particular is quite spectacular as it encompasses two locks in one.  due to the descent of the canal and the space available, they had to make locks eight and nine together.  deemed "deep lock", it drops eighteen feet as opposed to the usual eight or nine. 

lock keeper's cottage

my dad getting the lock ready

in "deep lock" ready to descend
~note the double number on the lock gate...8/9~

already lower than the cill

hubby was steering while my dad was working the gates

finally all the way down and heading out the gate

ginormous lock gates!

we made it to bath!

after mooring on the river avon, our plan was to meet up with my brother who had flown in from america to join us for the next week.  unfortunately, ian, who had started with a cold the day prior, came down with a fever and was really not feeling well.  we sent my parents and olivia off to meet matthew, while hubby and i stayed on the boat and held ian while he slept.  when he woke from his nap, he seemed much happier, so we decided to make the most of seeing the city while we could.  we bundled him up in the ergo and headed out to see the sights.  we strolled around and saw the pulteney weir, bath abbey (from the outside), the roman baths and had dinner at the huntsman before retiring for the evening.

pulteney weir

bath abbey

the abbey

hubby...with his stylish purple diaper bag ;)

the roman baths entrance (and my dad)

these union jack shops are everywhere now!

the main bath from the upper balcony

statue of julius caesar

model diagramming the flow of water

what is left of the main columns and entrance plus the computer generated images to show what it would have looked like

original steps

gilt bronze head of sulis minerva

tunnel exiting to the river

ian and i at the baths

the water flowing into the main bath

hubby and matthew enjoying an english pint with dinner

olivia and her "babyccino" (no coffee...all frothy milk with chocolate shavings!)

up next: the narrowboat, part four (finishing up in bath, heading back to devizes and dealing with a sick baby on vacation)

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