Saturday, October 12, 2013

the first birthday party

two days after our little man officially turned one, we threw a party to celebrate his first year.  family and friends came from near and afar and it was really quite a fun event (if i may say so myself!).  after watching him grow up and go from a baby boy into a little man, i decided to use that as my inspiration for the party theme.  the idea also came to mind after his godmother said, after he started walking reasonably early for his age, "he's growing up so he going to sprout a mustache before his first birthday?"  hence the "little man" theme was born.  i found the adorable invitation pictured above and went from there.  it had a coordinating printable party pack that i ordered as well, which covered most of my decorations :)

enjoy a photo journey through the day!

the whole day was really fun, but i couldn't have done it without the help of my parents, brother, sister and hubby.  fortunately with their help, everything was ready on time and went off without a hitch.  we had a fun little photo booth (a great way to document all your guests in a fun, goofy way!) and some yummy food.  i made most everything we ate, but did cheat on a couple of the savory dishes ;)  the desserts were so fun to make...pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and cute toppers, as well as homemade chocolate mustache lollipops in white, milk and dark chocolate!  nom nom nom :)  

i was most nervous about making ian's birthday cake.  growing up my mum always made the most fabulously decorated (and super delicious) birthday cakes.  i knew i wanted to make ian's, but hadn't ever really made and decorated a cake before.  fortunately, my mum brought her decorating kit with her and taught me a bit about piping and icing.  i was so pleased with how the cake turned out, especially when it was decorated at 3am the morning of his party!  haha :)

i also made my first venture into spray painting for this party.  i found this great wooden highchair on freecycle and after seeing my friend sarah repaint our goddaughter's highchair (see pics here), i knew i wanted it to be a fun pop of color for ian's party.  it took me four baby naptimes the week before, but i got it cleaned, primed, painted and dried before the big day.  i think it looked great for his birthday cake photos.  the color is satin colonial red by rustoleum.

one other aspect that i had a lot of fun with were the favors.  i had seen the idea online to make shirts for the kids and dapper gingerbread dudes for the adults.  i bought white shirts in sizes for the children attending and then raided my leftover fabric bin for prints suitable for each girl or boy.  i had fun picking out each one and thinking of who it would be for :)  i then stenciled bows for the girls and mustaches for the boys.  i sewed the outline of each shape onto the front and ironed them to set the seams.  it was quick and easy and meant the guests had something a little different to take home.  my dad and my brother took on the gingerbread men, cutting out the dough i had made earlier in the day and decorating with raisins.  while i was decorating the cake, my mum tied up the little bags with this adorable mustache burlap ribbon i found at hobby lobby.  quick, cute and easy.  i was also pleased with the gingerbread recipe, as it was not one i had used before.  very yummy!

we got ian his first pair of shoes for his birthday, but i wanted him to have something i made for him as well.  a few months ago, a couple mums from our hospital mums group decided to all make quilts together.  i started with them, but unfortunately couldn't make all of the dates.  the quilt was in pieces for a couple months and the week before his birthday i decided it was time to finish it.  i got the top together in one evening and then spent the rest of the week finishing up the details.  by the time my parents arrived, i had everything finished except the hand-sewing of the binding.  enter my amazing mum who sat and sewed like a fiend (i don't know how she does it so fast!) while i worked on other party details.  it meant it was ready for ian to unwrap at his party.  he wasn't that fussed with it, until hubby wrapped him up in it to read one of his new books.  i love the prints and how they worked together and i am now officially obsessed with chevron!

overall, i was really pleased with the whole party.  while some may think it's silly to throw a party for a one year old, it was as much for hubby and i as it was for ian!  hey...we successfully made it through our first year of parenthood!  as any parent knows, that kind of achievement should warrant a party ;)

i will leave you with my new favorite photo of my little man.  my dad captured this adorable shot just before the party began...he was enjoying running up and down our boardwalk in his new shoes :)


  1. What a beautiful party - I love all the details! Looks like it went off spendidly! Happy 1st Birthday little Ian! Looks like it was a perfect celebration! The cake is amazing!

    1. Thanks Jess! It really was quite fun :) Can't believe he's one!!