Friday, January 3, 2014

hello 2014

hello, hello, hello!

i do realize it has been two months since i last blogged...yikes!!  we have been quite busy and i guess it's a good thing that i have been focusing on family and the seasons, instead of blogging, although i have missed it.

in november we spent a few days in maine for thanksgiving with my in-laws.  it was the first visit to maine since ian started walking and it was definitely interesting navigating my mother-in-law's house with a true toddler!  he was pretty quick about learning the boundaries though, for which i was thankful.

we had a quick week back in massachusetts between thanksgiving and our flight out to ohio.  ian and flew out and spent three weeks with my parents, the last week including christmas day and boxing day.  hubby drove out with the puppy for the last week, actually arriving early than expected as a surprise for my birthday!  speaking of, i got to celebrate my birthday with my parents for the first time since i turned 21!  it was a lovely, lovely day.

while out in ohio i also ran another 5k.  this time i was joined by my dad, sister and brother-in-law.  it was absolutely pouring cats and dogs, but we had fun anyway.  although my time was a few seconds longer than my current personal best (darn rain ;), i did finish third in my age category.  it was a perfect way to end my year of getting back to fitness.  i began in april struggling to finish a lap around the track.  i finished the year having lost 40lbs, completed four 5ks and one 10k, being a healthy role model for my son and husband {who went on to win his company weight loss contest this fall and run a 5k with me in september after not being able to run due to the extra weight for the past few years (i'm a very proud wife)}and most of all proving to myself that i could do it!  here's to running a half marathon in 2014 and maybe even considering a full one!

after a wonderful family christmas full of love, faith and good food, all four of us piled into our nissan rogue and made the grueling eleven hour drive back to massachusetts.  we set out mid-afternoon, stopped for dinner and to get ian ready for bed and other than a couple gas stops, drove solidly, pulling into home around 1am.  ian slept well in the car, but decided to hang out for an hour awake at home before finally going back to sleep at 2am.  at least i was able to get a few hours in before he woke up at 6:30am!

we've been enjoying the new year, so far (only three days in!).  new year's day we spent celebrating a lovely little girl and her second birthday.  her mum cleverly dubbed the event "happy two years day" :)  i have since taken the house by storm and am attempting to clean and organize room by room.  i am tired of living with piles here and there, always feeling like i'm hiding things away and never knowing where things are one hundred percent of the time.  since ian received some wonderful new toys for christmas, i took new year's afternoon to sort through all his toys and create a toy rotation.  my living room now looks like a living room again and he can focus on just a few toys at a time.  in couple weeks, i will switch them out for the next rotation.  i'm excited to see how he learns to focus more on the toys he has, as well the fact that cleaning up takes 60 seconds flat!  win, win, win!

most recently we hunkered down for blizzard hercules.  it began in the wee hours of thursday morning (january 2) and continued until this morning.  we totaled about 24" and hubby did an excellent job shoveling and taking care of both of our cars.  it's always fun living in a town with snow bans when you don't have a driveway.  the closest municipal lot for us is three or four blocks away and hubby has to walk it twice to get both cars.  he's a trooper, especially when this storm not only brought the snow totals, but extreme cold temperatures (i'm talking wind chills as low as -20!).  we are extremely thankful for our house and working furnace...kept us warm and cozy through it all.

i'm definitely going to continue with the organization as my biggest resolution for 2014.  i'm done being a packrat.  i'm ready to be ruthless.  i already have a consignment appointment booked and four bags of clothes folded and ready to go.  we have several donation charities and stores in the area and i'm hoping to send some items there that we no longer need or use.  time to pare down and simplify!

happy new year!  i hope 2014 is treating you well!

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  1. Cara, Happy New Year to you and your family!