Thursday, June 19, 2014

23 weeks, baby no. 2

so i skipped a couple weeks...haha. 
 life got busy, pictures didn't get taken, but baby has been growing!

this week i ran another road race, the louise rosetti 5k, with the baby boot camp team.  i am a fan of the lovely purple team tanks for this year's race, although had to order a size up to accommodate my growing bump!

 i ran this race last first race back after having ian (and several years off from running altogether) with the same team.  last year we all had babes in jogging strollers.  this year those toddlers hung out with their daddies, as many of us are pregnant with our seconds!  we had some fantastic mamas up front (not pregnant/no strollers) who got some awesome times.  i was only three minutes slower than my race time last year, although a good five or six than my best 5k back in december.  i figure i should allow myself some extra time these days ;)  

one final shout out for our boot camp team...we came in second place!  they tally the top seven times from each team (three of our seven are preggo) and we are pretty proud of ourselves :)  not bad for a bunch of mums!  i love being part of such a supportive and inspiring community of healthy mamas.

dear little one,

you've been on a growth spurt, munchkin...or else it's all the extra snacks i've been consuming to cope with feeling hungry 24/7 ;)  you are also getting quite active these days, although not as much as your big brother.  i never had a break from his kicking and back flips whether it was night or day.  you do seem to have sleepy times, especially during the daytime, but when you get going, i can definitely tell you are moving around!  your favorite time of day currently is about 10pm.

we made it through our first 5k together!  surprisingly you don't make me feel much different, with the exception of getting out of breath faster due to all the extra blood coursing around my veins.  it feels really good to be up and active during my pregnancy with you.  i hope that my healthy choices will be passed onto you at an early age and that you might someday come to love running as much as i do.

a funny thing happened this week that made me laugh.  i guess i hadn't realized how much you had grown when i reached across our kitchen counter top and knocked a glass of water over.  i couldn't figure out how it had happened since my arms had gone up into a cupboard to put some mugs away.  then it hit me that it was you that caused the ruckus!  i'm sure it won't be the last time ;)

love, mummy

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